Library Card!

Last night I got a library card for the public libraries in my new community.  I got a bit excited about it – probably more than necessary, but can you blame me?  I checked out a couple of books and put another on hold, so it will come to my branch.  (How cool is that?  I can make books come to me!)

This isn’t surprising news to my family.  I had flashbacks of walking out of our hometown library with my arms loaded down in books as a child – I think there were many times that I hit the limit for one checkout!  I also remember getting really excited when I could start looking at books in the adult section, and I also fondly recall the summer that I obsessively checked out and read everything Michael Crichton had written.  I think I could still walk straight to the shelf where his books lived, although I’m sure the library probably looks a lot different now.

I have lots of great library memories, which probably ties pretty closely to my becoming an author.  Do you have any great library stories?