We Have a Synopsis (draft)!

Yesterday I (finally) completed my first draft of the synopsis of Dragon.  The technique that finally worked, after all of the different starts I tried, was to use the brief novel summary from my query letter along with my chapter summaries.

I was aiming for a single page, double spaced.  I let myself write past that and then went back and did an initial revision to pare it down to one sheet.  If you’ve never written a synopsis, the advice that I got was to include the end of your novel.  It makes sense, if you think about it.  An agent or a publisher needs to know that you have a complete concept.  They are used to spoilers, if you will, and are more likely to see you as a professional if you include the entire story in your synopsis.

When it comes to characters, the final verdict is that only three got named.  Those three would be protagonist, antagonist, and love interest.  Two others were mentioned specifically, albeit in passing and generically (as in “an elf”), and several got a single mention together as a team.  There’s obviously a lot more depth to the novel, but that’s the difference between 342 words and 55,000.

It’s just a draft, so I’m going to revise it at least once or twice before I submit it, but at least it’s finished.  Revising it will be much easier than writing it!