No Title, But…

I started working on a title for this year’s NaNo novel.  Normally I’d start writing before I fight my way to a title, but when you register your novel with NaNoWriMo, they ask for a working title and a brief description.

Obviously these things aren’t required, and you don’t have to stick with your initial thoughts if the novel pulls you in a different direction.  In the future I may opt to not have them, and I might still skip the title for now, but I did get a decent description written for this one.  I find that the effort of writing a summary helps me to hone my thoughts about the story and where I’m taking it.

Oh, you want to read the description?  Here you go:

After an unlikely accident brings an urban fairy into the living room of a divorced computer programmer, the two quickly become friends.  Their unusual relationship creates some challenges for them both; Doug has to fend off his suddenly re-interested ex-wife and Kiwi must deal with family issues from her past.  While facing these problems, the two try to rescue his coworker from a dark sorceress who uses the energy of her victims to further her evil schemes.

With only a month to go before NaNo, I’m feeling close to ready! How about you?  Are you getting ready for NaNo 2012?

Clever Lines

I like a television show with clever dialog, and the one I’m watching fits that bill.  It’s the BBC series Sherlock, and if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.

The following two quips came in very close proximity to each other, and definitely fulfill the “clever” requirement.

“Punch me.  In the face.  Didn’t you hear?” – Holmes
“I always hear ‘punch me in the face’ when you’re speaking, but it’s usually subtext.” – Watson

“I think you’re damaged, delusional, and believe in a higher power.  In your case, it’s yourself.” – Irene Adler, speaking to Holmes

It’s the end of a long work week, so I’m going to leave you with those and go back to enjoying my show.  I’m also working in earnest on the title for my NaNo novel, so I might have something to share tomorrow!

Monster Research

There is a scene in my head for my NaNo novel that required some research.  I did that research the other day, and discovered that the information I need is not immediately available on the internet.  I found it, with a little searching, but it shouldn’t have been that hard.  I was only trying to find the names of monsters that take on a female shape to suck the life from men.

It turns out that most female spirits/monsters/nasty things either are more interested in stealing children, or luring men to their doom.   They are also frequently tied to a specific location (water seems to be a common theme).  There aren’t actually that many monsters that keep their men alive for very long, but I did find a couple.  Fortunately, that’s all I need.  It turned out to be a lot of research for a very brief mention in the (as yet unwritten) novel.  It’s important, though, and since I’ve done the research in advance I won’t have to pause in the writing to compile a list.

By the way, the antagonist in my novel is not a female monster who slowly sucks the life out of her victims.  It’s simply a theory that gets suggested as the main characters are trying to figure out what’s really going on. 🙂

Working on Work

When I wrote Butterflies, there was a gap of about 3 months when I didn’t write at all.  This was due to moving to a new city and starting a new job.

Somehow, in moving to this new city and starting this new job, I’ve managed to find time to write and submit essays for a certification, revise Dragon, compose a query letter and synopsis, and blog nearly every day.

Lately, though, my brain has been focusing most on what it should be – my new job.

To be clear, I am not complaining.  I absolutely love my new job.  It uses most of the skills I’ve developed through my career, it challenges me, and it keeps me on my toes.  I have a great team, too, and we’ve improved things in a lot of ways.  But now that I’ve started one big picture project rolling, it’s time to begin the others.  This means that a lot of the creative space in my brain is occupied by boxes labeled “Work” and the ones labeled “Story” are stuck off to the side.

Okay, you’re thinking, why do I care?  Consider this a sort of apology or explanation for any lapses in blogging that may occur in the immediate or near future.  It’s not that I don’t love you, my reader, or that I’ve died or given up writing.  I’m just trying to get all those boxes organized!  After all, I need to get some space cleared by November.

A Toast!

In the grand tradition of starting to write something well before it’s due, I was inspired to work on my toast for my sister’s wedding.

Oh, I didn’t mention?  My sister is engaged, and I am the maid (matron? divorced lady?) of honor.  That means I get to make a toast.

Working on the toast isn’t a bad thing.  Working on the toast in September when the wedding is in June is maybe a bit early.

I’ve never given a toast before.  I’m not worried about the giving part, but the writing part is a bit tricky.  There are things I’d like to share that might not be right for the occasion.  There are things that are traditionally shared that I don’t really have authority to speak about.  After all, I live hours away so I don’t see them together as a couple a lot.  I think I’ll get it figured out.  I know the important part: the two of them are totally right for each other.

I’ll stick to that theme and I should be good.

Tastes and Preferences

Why do we like what we like?

It’s a fair question, and along with its other half (why don’t we like the things we dislike?), it’s not an easy question to ask.

Between being asked why I won’t go see certain types of movies and watching some of my favorites, I began pondering these broader questions of taste and preference.

Sometimes the answers are easy.  I don’t like horror movies because I don’t enjoy being scared.   I enjoy science non-fiction because it’s a subject I’ve found intriguing since childhood.  I like llamas and birds of prey because I’ve worked with them.

The answers aren’t always this easy, though.  I don’t have a good explanation behind why I don’t enjoy most comedy movies, or a reason for my enjoyment of fantasy over science fiction, or even an idea about why I like woodpeckers.

There are probably people out there (psychologists, perhaps, or neuroscientists) who understand how our opinions form, but I am not one of those people.  Instead I’ll have to just be content to recognize that people have different tastes, and be glad that some people share mine!


The wind, the wind, always the wind.
Pulling every drop of liquid from my skin.

Washing, washing, wash them again.
Hands wet to dry to wet all day.

My skin is dry, dry, dry.
Desiccated, cracking.

Sandpaper fingers, red angry knuckles.

Tiny scarlet crevices seeping blood.

Scrub off the sandpaper, rub in the smooth
Grit your teeth.  Wait just a bit.
The sharp sting will chase away the pain.

Gloves.  My life is already full of gloves.
Gloves to keep off the water at work.
Gloves to keep in the lotion at night.
Soon gloves to keep out the cold.

And winter hasn’t even begun.

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