What? There is a world outside of my workshop?

I have spent the past week at a training workshop hosted by my preferred professional organization.  As you may have noticed, I did manage to get a few posts in.  The last couple of days, however, not so much.

I apologize for my absorption into this non-writing world.

Today was the last day of the workshop.  While I am still planning to meet a couple of my classmates and one of my instructors for dinner, the workshop is over and it has released its grip on my brain.  (This is a good thing – I think I was being too ambitious in imagining that I could actually get some of my synopsis done this week.)

Tomorrow I get to sit on planes and in airports.  These are always great places for writing to happen, since I’m basically trapped with limited activity options.  I let you know at the end of the day tomorrow if I managed to take advantage of the situation.  🙂