Describe it for me

I like words.  I like playing with words.  I use words in writing, in presentations, at work and in my down time.  While I sometimes struggle with the best way to phrase something, or lose a word for a minute (mundane, anyone?) but words rarely escape me.

So why can’t I ever find the right way to describe my stories for people?

Right now I’m fighting my way to a synopsis, which is proving a bit more challenging than I anticipated.  This isn’t just a current problem; when I’ve tried to give people a quick summary of the tale, I find myself struggling to capture the concept.

This seems to be mostly a problem with my own stories.  I can usually summarize a book or a movie for someone, although perhaps not as eloquently as others.  I can usually find a single sentence or two (like the short version I posted a couple of weeks ago).  It’s the longer synopsis, the one that goes to agents, that I’m finding difficult.

Maybe the answer is right here, in what I just wrote.  Maybe the trick is to think of it as someone else’s story, rather than my own.  We’ll see if that helps.