When You Don’t Want To Write

Here is a challenge we all face as writers: how to make yourself work when there’s nothing enforcing it.

When you don’t want to go to work in the morning, there are reasons you get your butt dressed and out of the door anyway.  You may have to report to a boss, or you might not get paid if you don’t show up.  Maybe there are other people depending on you, or responsibilities you have to fulfill.  Even without personal motivation, you have lots of external motivators keeping you on track.

If writing isn’t your full-time gig, then it’s probably something you do for your own fulfillment.  There are plenty of ways to enforce motivation (I like competitive pressure, like NaNo, myself) but the trick is to find the right combination so there’s always something there.  Without it, on days when you’re tired, or busy, or just not into it, it won’t happen.  I’m trying to stay on track, even with a lot of other pulls on my time, but tonight I’m finding it a bit of a challenge.

To all the authors out there: What do you use to motivate yourself to write?