I’ve been slowly working my way through chapter summaries for Dragon, and I’ve discovered something that will make my life easier when it comes to the final synopsis.  The main character spends several chapters in training.

Now, it is interesting training.  Rather than drone on with a lot of repetitive stuff (which is what training is, right?) there are snapshots of her training.  Everything we see is new and interesting, helps develop her relationships and reveals a bit more of who she is.  She’s also learning cool things.   Flying in a thunderstorm?  Intricate magic work?  Dragon battle training?  Yes, please!

The thing about it is that, while every chapter is unique and revealing, it’s all still training.  This (theoretically) makes the synopsis a bit simpler, as I need to summarize all of it and pull out one or two moments that are key to the plot later on.

We’ll see if that’s really how it falls out.