Assembling the Packet

I’ve picked one agency to query, at least to start.  Interestingly enough, it’s the same agency that I started with for Butterflies.  That probably makes sense, because the same things that drew me to them the first time still hold true.

Tonight I pulled their submission guidelines from their website.  (As I’ve said, the website is your friend!)  Now I get to start assembling the packet.

Ok, it’s not really a packet.  The agency wants email queries, so it’s a collection of attachments.  I still have to prepare and gather my documents.

Fortunately, unlike others I’ve seen, this agency is explicit in what they want.  I’m not just talking which documents to send, or what types of fiction they want.  They are also particular about formatting, and they’ve made that very clear.  When someone is this specific about how to query them, I would hope that every query fills their requirements.  (Knowing people, that’s probably not true.  But no one can say they weren’t told.)

The next couple evenings will be devoted to preparing the documents and polishing everything!