The Website is Your Friend

Last night I started working through the list of agents that I created a few days ago.  For each agency that I am considering, I made an index card.  There are only a few things I am concerned about for these cards: how open they are to new authors, how they want query letters, how quickly they respond, and their websites.  If they specify exclusive submissions or have something special they are looking for, I’ll note that as well.

The website is a very key piece. Most agencies have a website, and on that website you’ll find updated submission guidelines, contacts for queries, and a great deal about their agency.  It’s definitely something to explore before you send a query letter to an agent!

Tonight I discovered just how important the website is.  I picked two agencies to start my querying, and visited their websites.  One is currently closed to queries, making my decision that much easier!

Once the letter is finished and the revisions are done, the first query will go out.  I’ll let you know how it goes!