Wait! Where’s the Birthday Challenge?

For the past two years, I’ve done a Blog Birthday Challenge, where the goal is to see how many hits I can get on my birthday.  To coincide with this, I post two or three new posts as well.

Today, on my birthday, I drove past the hospital where I was born at almost exactly the time I was born.   At that moment I realized that I forgot to do a birthday challenge this year.

The real reason is simple: I forgot.  However, there are many other pieces that go into it.  I moved less than a month ago.  I jumped in feet-first in the busy season at a new job, and almost immediately added another role to my job.  We had a major event at work this week, too, which means that work has been looming larger than usual (I hope).

On top of that, the purpose of the Birthday Challenge in previous years has been to try to bring new readers to my blog.  Friends tell friends, readers tell people they know, and new folks come to visit, at least for the day.  Within the last six months or so, my blog has been growing slowly but steadily in followers.  (Thanks!!)  It means that the Birthday Challenge is still fun, but less necessary.

If you missed the Birthday Challenge, or at the very least the cool posts that go along with it, please accept my apologies.  I’ll try to get some birthday-caliber posts up within the week, just for you.