More Revisions

My mom is my go-to person for revisions.  She always has great suggestions, and finds things that I don’t notice.  Plus, while she’s just as good as a professional, her advice (for me) is free.

She’s about to get some more stuff to proofread.

I sent her the second version of Dragon a little while ago, so I’m hoping she can give me some feedback on the draft.  I’m also getting ready to send her the draft of my query letter.   That’s one thing that has to be pristine as far as grammar and language go; that is the first (and often only) chance you get to impress an agent.

I’ve also decided that I want to do one more read-through of Dragon, with minor revisions, before I start sending queries.  A common request is the first three chapters, or the first x-number of pages, and again, it’s a matter of impressions.  I want to make sure that the first few pages capture the reader’s interest, give you a good sense of the main characters, and intrigue you enough that you want more.

Fellow writers, you are welcome to give me your cautions about pausing to revise.  Even though I’ve heard it before, it’s always nice to be reminded that authors can get stuck in the “polish it to death” cycle, and spend so much time revising that they don’t ever actually get around to querying.  My plan is to keep working on selecting agents to query while I’m revising, so I have a clear goal in mind.