Does Not Want Fantasy

I spent half an hour tonight on my preliminary search for agents to query.  I like the Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market because they put all of the important info in one place.

Due to that fact, there is a lot of material to read through.  Fortunately, most of the agencies are pretty specific about what they want to see cross their desks.  That’s where I start.

You’d be surprised at how many explicitly state that they are not interested in fantasy.  Even if they have a huge list of genres they’ll consider, sci-fi and fantasy are not options.  (There was even one that wants fantasy, but not “swords and dragons.”  As I am querying a book called Dragon Pendant, I’m fairly sure they don’t want mine.)

This makes my first pass really easy; I highlight all the agencies that are accepting unsolicited queries and represent fantasy.  It’s not a long list.

My next step is to narrow it down to a few that I’d be interested in at first.  If there is one that stands out, I will send an exclusive submission, but otherwise I like to send a couple at a time.  For those just starting out or not familiar, there are agencies that will not accept submissions unless they are exclusive.  I try to prioritize those; sometimes they get a query right away, and sometimes they get sent after I get a few rejections.

I already got out the highlighter for step one.  Step two requires index cards!


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  1. Ben
    Aug 03, 2012 @ 22:58:36

    It’s tough out there. I think as the field of authoring becomes more and more wide open, agents are becoming more limited in what they’re willing to represent.


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