Open Spaces

I was reminded tonight of one of the biggest (and best) differences between a big city and a small one.  I could hear crickets.

Now, I know those of you who live in Houston (or any other big city) are probably thinking “We have crickets here!”  Yes, yes you do.  And there are open spaces in your cities, too.  Houses have yards, apartments have empty spaces, and there are plenty of parks.  The difference is that your crickets are hard to hear over all the other noises, and if you walk 100 yards in any direction, you’ll see more houses, yards, and buildings.

Tonight I walked about 50 yards down from my apartment complex along the lovely trail that follows the Sioux River.  I wasn’t in a great mood (it happens sometimes when you move alone to a city where you don’t know anyone) but when I passed a big space behind my complex, the crickets distracted me.

That’s right, the crickets were so loud that I noticed them.  And it made me smile.

The weather here is gorgeous tonight, in the low 70s with a cool breeze and enough clouds to make the sky interesting.  I live in a place where I can drive a block or two to a restaurant or a store, and yet I can still walk a little distance down the trail and feel like I am in the middle of nowhere.  I still miss my friends (which started the whole crummy mood) but the crickets reminded me that I have good reasons to be where I am.