Nothing is New

Today I was reminded that there is no new tale, as every tale has already been told.  There is simply a new way of telling an old tale.

Writers, do not despair.  This does not mean that your creative efforts are in vain.  Yes, there are echoes of other stories in yours, and yes, there are similar characters and relationships.  It is this way for a reason.

Don’t think of this as copying, since it is not.  You are not telling the same story.  Rather, think of it as an ability to reach to a human truth, a universal concept to which others can identify.  It is the same as a gathering, where one personal tale leads another to tell a similar one, and another contributes their experience.

Find the right connection, the right truth or person or experience, and your tale can echo not just in other tales, but through generations as well.


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  1. Jack
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 21:31:13

    Keep in mind that just the manner of delivery can fundamentally alter a story as well. There is not a soul alive that will be able to convince me that Avatar and Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest are not the same story. However, they are told differently to appeal to different audiences, and that is one of the major attributes that sets them apart.


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