Finding Writing

I make cryptic notes.  Most of my writing ideas stick in my head until they get written in full, so I don’t often make detailed outlines or character sketches.  The best I usually do is jot a quick note to myself, just enough to reignite that spark of thought when I need it.  Here is an example from my outline for this year’s NaNo:

Fun scenes: Kiwi falls through the chimney

This is enough for me, while the ideas are fairly fresh and not on a page.  Once the scenes are fully fleshed, though, they vacate my head.  It makes it fun to re-read my own writing months later, but it also makes it really interesting when I find the notes years later.  I hoard notebooks; many of them made it through the purge and the move.  Today I sorted through the last few boxes and stumbled across some writing notes.  Here’s what I found:

I don’t think I did anything anyone else wouldn’t have done.
The world happened all at once.

It took sitting on the floor for a few minutes before I realized these were notes from the early development of With Honor.  This prompted a quick flip through the notebook, which also contained bits of my master’s thesis, Dragon, Burden of Knowledge, and even some revisions of Butterflies.  All in all, a fun discovery!

Have you ever stumbled across notes that took you back to the development of your earlier works?