What Spare Time?

A common question that comes up when someone has just met you is sometimes “what do you do in your spare time?”

My answer right now should be “What spare time?”  Between working extra hours to learn the new job and trying to set up my apartment, there’s not really time for much else.  While that’s not a good answer, I fortunately have another one.  “I write.”

This either leads to a “That’s cool” response, which means I stop talking, or a follow-up question.  It usually follows a pattern.

  • I’ve written several novels.
  • I write fantasy.
  • My first novel was self-published as an e-book, and has sold over 30 copies.
  • I’m getting ready to send queries for my second novel.

This is about as far as I’ve gotten, and most of the conversations to this point haven’t even hit these.  After this list, I’m entering precarious territory, because that’s usually the point where people ask “What is your book about?” and we all know that’s a dangerous question.