Absence Explained

It’s amazing how much a lack of internet can hinder me.  I was without access to the web at home for the past few days.

Before you start shouting “______ has Free WiFi!” at the top of your lungs, please remember that I have also been attempting to create order from chaos and prepare myself for a major new job.  Logging on for a few minutes to blog is very different from hauling my laptop to said location and blogging.

So, the new job is fantastic, the internet is functioning in my apartment (and faster than I had in Houston, I might add) and about half my chaos is tamed.  Today I was also reminded that new people means people who don’t know about my author alter-ego  – I got to explain to a couple of folks about my writing, and I’m sure it will come up again in conversation.  We can talk more about that tomorrow.

For tonight I’m going to go back to organizing my stuff.  That, or I’ll reacquaint myself with Netflix.


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