Writing at the Rest Stop

Houston to Sioux Falls is a long drive.

I broke it into three legs over three days, but on day two (the longest leg) even my music was getting old.  With only a dog and a parrot in the car with me, it becomes an even longer drive.   I called friends, I sang loudly, I even stopped to walk around a couple of times, but the best things I did were writing related.

While the dog and the parrot could care less about my next NaNo novel, I still took the opportunity to talk about what I’ve come up with so far.  (The parrot at least pretended to listen; the dog was asleep.)  I even made a couple of decisions that I hadn’t addressed yet, including whose point of view should be primary and what one of the subplots would be.

The other thing I did was write at a rest stop.  Now, Texas rest stops generally have Wi-Fi, but it turns out that Kansas rest stops do not.  (There was a network listed, but the internet service was disconnected.)  I still needed to get out of my car for a bit, so I took dog and parrot to a covered picnic table, along with the laptop.  Even though the temperature was in the mid-90s and the breeze was only remotely helpful, I took the time to write.  In fact, it was this very blog post I wrote sitting outside, listening to a robin and the sound of the highway, escaping the confines of my car for a few minutes before continuing on my northward trek.

I may have also played a quick game of solitaire.  (I really didn’t want to get back in the car.)