Blood, Rain, and a Hungry Parrot

Today was travel day one (and also the last packing day) and I had some adventures!

Other than some furniture that’s still posted on Craigslist and a crazy pile of hangers that Goodwill wouldn’t take, my apartment is empty. I managed to manhandle a twin-sized mattress and box spring from my apartment to the dumpster, with a little assist from the grocery cart that lives by said dumpster.  I also filled the grocery cart with trash that I emptied as well.  The car is very close to full (Eli the dog only gets half the back seat) but it all fit!

Doesn’t sound like much of an adventure?  It was raining the entire time.  It also rained as I started the drive, and while it was sunny for most of the drive, it poured again as I entered Oklahoma.

I also managed to scrape my left arm pretty badly in the process of loading my car.  I discovered the scrape (which actually opened up the skin in seven places) when I looked down and noticed my arm was smeared with blood.  Most of the damage is on the inside of my forearm, but there’s a bit on my elbow as well.  I had to stop to get some gauze and tape to cover the main part on my arm – tomorrow the elbow gets bandaged, too!

Overall, I covered more than 300 miles.  My dog slept most of the trek, and the bird likes his new carrier.  There’s no spot for food, which is normally not a problem, but apparently the bird didn’t eat much yesterday so he was crazy hungry when we got to the hotel.  I’m really glad I brought his perch with a bowl!

Woohoo for adventures – tomorrow is the long driving day.  I hope the trend of rain as I enter each state doesn’t continue tomorrow!