Lots of “Lasts”

So I thought that I would miss some blogs due to packing, moving, cleaning, and so on.  I missed a couple, but the last two days were not for those reasons.

I missed them because of “lasts.”

What are lasts, you ask?  Last day of work.  Last party with the girls.  Last night out with a friend.  Last time at a particular restaurant or venue.  These are the “lasts” that I am talking about.  I’ve had a couple recently, with more on the way, and these are what kept me from my blog the last couple of days.

Somehow I’ve acquired a lot of friends and people I care about over four years in Houston, and now I’m going through a series of goodbyes.

At least I have new adventures, new people to meet, and an exciting new job to keep me positive through all this potential sadness.