My Life in Boxes

My life is slowly becoming a pile of boxes in the corner of my bedroom.

If you came to visit, there would be signs that I am in the process of packing everything.  Empty bookcases and empty shelves on the wall are a good sign.  So is the lack of artwork on the wall.  But there is still a lot that is not packed, and so it might appear that I am far away from having the task complete.

The reality is somewhere in between done and not done.  There are many frequently used things that are already packed.  If you asked to watch a movie or wanted me to print something, you’d be out of luck.  On the other hand, there are two areas I have refused to let myself pack until this upcoming weekend, no matter how much I’ve wanted to.  Those two areas are clothing and kitchen, because I know that I’ll underestimate my need and end up unpacking what has already been packed.  This weekend I’m making the “minimalist kitchen kit” and choosing about a week’s worth of clothing, and then everything else in my kitchen, closet, and dresser will be loaded into suitcases and boxes.

Perhaps then I’ll finally feel like the packing is well under way.  Right now, no matter how large the box stack, I feel like I have mountains left to do.


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  1. YerMom
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 08:16:36

    And, unfortunately, it will continue to fell like mountains to do until the last box is packed and the car is loaded. Sending you encouraging thoughts. LYM!!


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