Packing Decisions

I’ve spent much of my free time in the last week starting the process of packing my apartment for a cross-country move.  It makes me glad that I’ve purged my stuff twice in the last six months, but it still leaves me with some tough decisions.

Part of me is willing to leave a great deal of stuff behind, in order to make the hauling of belongings easier.  (This part is highly encouraged by my mom, who is supporting my “no furniture” effort.)

On the other hand, part of me is looking 6 weeks in the future and seeing my new apartment barren of furniture, with a pile of boxes containing my belongings in one corner.  This is the part of me that is hard to convince to give up things.

Right now the minimalist part is winning, big time.  I’ve even had to stop myself from packing key things now.  I will need some of my kitchen utensils and clothing in the next two weeks, so I think I should wait a bit to put those things into boxes.

Yay for the adventures of moving!


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