Reality TV and Writing

If you were creating a reality TV show based on writing, what would you include?

You really couldn’t have a lot of shots of the actual writing.  People sitting at computers or with paper and pencils may appear on some other shows, but that would be boring week after week.  That means that the physical act of writing would need to take a backseat.

Reading, too, is not an exciting thing to watch, so the judges assessing the competition would also not be featured.

So if we don’t want to watch the competitors writing or the judges reading, what’s left?

Developing story out loud, or on a giant board?  Reading their work aloud?  Perhaps you’d post the writing work online, in something similar to a blog, and let “America” vote or comment from week to week.

Another possible challenge – there are competitive writers, but usually when a group of writers get together they encourage and help one another.  You’d have to find a way to create those personality clashes that are so frequent on reality TV.

It’s an interesting thing to think about, but for now I’ll just enjoy the food-related reality that is currently on my television.  🙂

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  1. Kate Ferguson Writes
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 14:20:53

    I think the storytelling would have to be oral.. maybe a creative writing class where each week somebody reads out an extract from their novel and at the end, a famous writer chooses one to be awarded a book deal. Of course the class would be highly competitive and butcher each other’s work..


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