When to Keep Words to Yourself

I am fairly eloquent when I am upset, especially when I am by myself.

When something makes me angry, or hurt, or just worked up, I am known to respond by arguing loudly with myself in the mirror.  I’ve written some really interesting letters when upset, too.  Finding the words, getting my thoughts out, are not a challenge for me.

Fortunately, I also know when not to share those thoughts.

Sometimes, the exact perfect words for a situation are not acceptable to say to the person they are really for.  Perhaps the person that you are unhappy with is a supervisor, or a coworker, or even someone you care about.  You have to know when to say the things you want to say, and when they would just make things worse.  These are great times for letters, or for venting those feelings to a close-mouthed friend, because sometimes the perfect words are only perfect for escalating the situation rather than resolving it.

Of course, if the situation is in a work of fiction, sometimes escalation is exactly what you are looking for!