Reading Yourself in a Novel

I asked one of my coworkers if she’d like to read Dragon.  Although she’s not an avid reader, she quickly accepted.  The reason?  She knows she’s in the book.

As a thank you for accompanying me on a road trip to a Renn Faire when I was writing Dragon, I gave her a cameo as a mermaid.  Perhaps cameo is too exact of a term; really I based a side character (who happens to be a mermaid) on her and used some of her personal mannerisms to create the character.  She’s not a major player, but she does give the main character some key info.

In high school, my best friend wrote a story with all of her friends as characters.  Since then, I haven’t been the inspiration for a fictional character, so I don’t know what my coworker’s experience of reading herself will be like.  I’m hoping that she likes it.  🙂