How’s Your Book?

“How’s your book?”  This is a question that I get a lot, mostly from acquaintances.  (They remember that I write, and it’s an easy small talk type of question.)  The actual query itself isn’t strange, although the wording is a bit odd.  It’s not “how many have you sold” or “how far are you on your manuscript, just “how’s your book?”

The vagueness makes sense for people who don’t know me well, however, and I generally know what they’re asking.  My current answer is “My first book has sold over 30 copies as an e-book, and I’m about to send out queries for the second one.”

Since this is usually part of a simple conversation, that’s about all I say.  People who are really curious will ask further questions, and people who are just being polite are happy to move on to another topic.

Isn’t it interesting how writing can be a conversation starter?


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