The Benefits of Sleep

It’s amazing how you notice something when it’s missing more than when you have it.

Last night, I got very little sleep.  First because I was fired up last night (and not in a good way, which is why I didn’t blog) and it took a while to fall asleep.  Then, once asleep, I only got a few hours before my sweet old dog woke me up because he didn’t feel good.

That’s right, I got to be dog nursemaid for about 4 hours last night instead of sleeping.

It’s amazing how much I notice the lack of sleep, and mostly in ways that are not related to being tired.  I was antsy at work today, and overly stressed about a program this morning.  Parts of me, like my shoulders and ankles, are sore in unusual ways.  I’m more scattered than usual, and easily distracted.

To be honest, I am a diurnal person, and I require my sleep.  Tonight I think I’ll turn in early, to see if I can recover from my nocturnal adventure last night.

Perhaps tomorrow we can get back on track with writing-related posts.  😉


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