Splitting Chapters

Most of the expanding that I did in Dragon ended up in one new chapter and two existing ones.  The new chapter meant re-numbering, which wasn’t a big deal, but the existing chapters are presenting a small challenge.

They got longer.  One of them gained over 2000 words!  I’ve decided that these long chapters need to be split into smaller chapters, similar in size to the rest of the book.

The shorter of the existing chapters was easy to split – there was a natural spot in the action that allowed for a brief, intriguing pause.  (I always like to leave the chapter so the reader wants to move on to the next one.)  I haven’t taken a look at the last (and now much longer) chapter, but I know that it will probably end up being at least two chapters when I’m finished.  Again, there are some natural pauses in the story that allow for an easy split.

Revising is always so interesting.  🙂


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