Two Days of Revisions, part 2

Today I got to write some new stuff for Dragon.  It turned out to require some walking and some research.

The first research was easy; I called my sister last night.  How is that research?  Well, I needed a sisterly perspective on a conversation between the two sisters in my story.  It turned out to be a good call, too, because my sister’s first reaction to the scenario was “Are you nuts?”  She hasn’t read the story, so it even added an extra element.  I had to explain the situation to her, and answer her questions, which I could then take from to have one sister explain and the other ask questions.

I spent some time walking, and sitting, in the Japanese Garden.  (The waterfalls were lovely, as were the plants, but the school kids were kind of distracting.)  It’s amazing how going someplace outside of my usual routine is a great way to focus my creative thoughts.  I  completed a couple of new scenes that added to the development of the climax in that process.  During lunch I kept working and finished another small transition that needed to be totally reworked.  After that all that I had left was a major rework of the ending.

The research for the ending was less fun, and a spoiler.  (That’s your warning.)  I got to read all about how to help someone recover from the unexpected loss of a loved one.  I’m still working on that section, but most of what I read matches well with my new plan for the end.

There’s your update on my writer’s retreat!  Now, back to writing – I’m hoping to get all of the new stuff drafted today.  After that, I’ll just need to do a bit of revising on the stuff I wrote today, and the second draft will be complete!