Two Days of Revisions, part 1

Today I spent a great deal of time working on phase 2 of the revisions of Dragon Pendant.

I ended up working at home, at least for this part, because I needed to reference back and forth with the printed copy I so lovingly wrote all over.  It wasn’t too bad, actually, and the distractions were kept to a minimum.  When I needed a break for my brain, I went swimming in the complex pool.

It now appears that this revision will be in three phases instead of two.  Phase One was making notes all over the printed version.  Phase Two, which I just finished, was taking those notes and incorporating them into the new draft.  Sometimes it was easy (replacing a word, rearranging the order of sentences) and sometimes it took a little more creative energy (particularly when a section needed to be reworked), but it was pretty straightforward.

Phase Three, on the other hand, which I’ll begin today and (hopefully) finish tomorrow, will be more of a challenge.  This is the writing phase.  I have a short list of sections that are going to need a larger amount of new writing, plus the last chapter’s major overhaul, that will be a bit more stressful to my creativity.  It’s all possible, of course, but it’s a good challenge that Dragon needs a bit more fleshing out in a few places.

Time for a little break, and then back to the writing!


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