Getting Ready to Revise

For a multitude of reasons, I am not getting to truly “go away” for my writer’s retreat, which was supposed to be this weekend.  Instead, I am going to use the next two days to focus on my writing, in particular, revising Dragon.  This may require leaving my apartment for a while during the day (there is a Japanese garden not far away and a few state parks within reasonable driving distance) but I will be sleeping in my own bed and living in my own house.

This presents a new challenge that I don’t normally face with this kind of intensive writing work: distractions.  When my apartment is messy or cluttered, or there are tasks to do like laundry, I am more likely to focus on those and not the writing.  In  order to minimize this challenge, I spent today preparing.  My kitchen is clean (enough), my clutter is put away, and my laundry will be done before I go to bed.

It means that I used one of my three days for something other than writing, but I am hoping that it will make my revising efforts over the next two days more effective.

I’ll let you know how it works out.  🙂


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