If I could write full-time…

To my writer friends, take a moment to think about how you would finish this sentence!

Here is the current version of my answer.  Like all hypotheticals, it is fluid and prone to change.

If I could write full-time, my first goal would be a massive overhaul of Butterflies.  What is currently one novel would turn into five.  There would also be at least one follow-up novel.  I would love to play a while longer in Diaea; of all my worlds, it is the most familiar and the most developed, and home to many of my favorite characters.

There are also hobbies and tasks that I would have time to pursue.  I’d love to grow my own food, but with a real full-time job and no yard, gardening becomes a chore.  I’d hike more (it gets the creative juices flowing) and just spend more time outside.

I used to worry that if I wrote full-time I’d run out of things to write, but that no longer concerns me.  I don’t think I would spend 40 hours a week writing, but I’d still be able to fill a substantial portion of my day with the effort.  I know that I’d get a lot more books and stories accomplished!  A concerted effort got me two novels last year, and as soon as I started thinking about needing new characters, they appeared.  And even when I’m not actively writing, there are writing-related tasks like editing to fill my time.  No, I am no longer afraid that I would write myself out of creativity.

I would love the chance to write full-time, but like many hypotheticals, it is not likely to happen any time soon!