Under the Couch

I moved my couch to vacuum today.  It was part of a larger cleaning spree which was started by my regularly scheduled dismantling and cleaning of the bird’s cage.

When is the last time you moved your couch?  Mine is large and heavy, with a recliner on each end, and as it is in the only logical place for a sofa in my apartment, it stays put most of the time.  Needless to say there were some interesting things under it.

On the end closest to the kitchen there is a side table that collects mail and receipts.  It was no surprise to find a piece of junk mail and a couple of old receipts under that end of the couch.  There were two hair rubber bands that I use for ponytails – not sure how they ended up under there – and a business card (mine).  I expected to find the couple of pieces of lightweight paper trash, but there weren’t any random coins or other objects that can slide through.  Those could still be trapped inside the couch, I guess.

Why am I telling you about moving my couch?  It doesn’t seem writing related at all.  Have you ever sat on your couch in a new spot in the room?  Have you tilted your couch to look at it from underneath?  Moved the couch and looked at the collection of things underneath?  These are all great ways to change your perspective.

If you are stuck in your writing, or you want to try a different approach, or you are just getting bored with a character or story, try something to change your perspective.  It can be a real thing, like moving your couch and sitting in a new place to think.  It can be a variation to your writing routine, like moving outside or switching sides of the cafe booth where you always sit.  It can even be an exercise, like writing the same scene from the eyes of a different character or changing from third person to first person.

This doesn’t have to be reserved for times when you are stuck.  I enjoy taking my writing outside on occasion, just for a change of scenery.  It usually reinvigorates me and the creative juices flow a little faster.  Try changing your perspective to see what happens.

Or just move your couch to see what’s underneath.  🙂


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