Babies on Billboards

Back in December I told you about a billboard campaign with pregnant women, advertising a new women’s wing of a local hospital.  As expected, the ladies on the signs got more pregnant.  In the last two weeks, the new wing has opened and the billboards changed again.

I was disappointed in their final incarnations.  In fact, their transition was so ineffective that I didn’t even notice the new billboards until I noticed the change to the signs on the building itself.  (In comparison, I always noticed those pregnant bellies.)

What was the problem?  Context.  A belly billboard showed a pregnant woman, clothed in a close-fitting, single-color shirt, from shoulder to hip.  For the first round all of the women (they were in different colors on different boards) had noticeable baby bumps.  The second round had the same women, in the same position, with huge bellies.  Now they show women holding their babies, but now the shot is just head and shoulders with the baby cradled close to the mother’s face.  I can only assume they are the same women, but I have no way to know, and if I hadn’t been following their serial billboard campaign I wouldn’t make the connection between the belly billboards and the baby ones.

Good transitions work wonders; bad transitions can ruin everything.  I was enjoying following this series of billboards, but now I’m just disappointed by the conclusion.

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