Writing Practice

She woke up gradually, aware first of the sounds around her and then the feel of the bed against her body.  When she opened her eyes she was pleased to see that the world was still washed in a hazy grey half-light; once again she would get to watch the day begin.  Rolling onto her belly, she aligned herself perfectly with the gap in the branches that gave her an unobstructed view.  From her vantage point, she could see over most of the trees of the forest.  There were a few small clouds drifting in the sky, the edge of the world just beginning to lighten.  She pillowed her head on her hands and waited.

Slowly the sky shifted.  The dark paled slightly, only noticeable when the stars began disappearing.  Gradually the edge of the world shifted to faint orange and pink.  As the sky brightened, the leaves framing her face gained color and birds throughout the woods started their morning songs.  Finally, a golden glow began to light the middle of the horizon, the clouds picking up the color.  Smoothly the sun broke the edge of the land, a vivid orange hue spreading through the sky.  The yellow disc lifted, its advance stately and graceful.  The air around the orb welcomed the light, fire echoed in the yellow and orange that embraced the sun.  Her eyes on the source of the spectacle, she didn’t notice the gradual change from grey to blue as the light brought color to the rest of the sky.

She was transfixed by the sight, completely oblivious to her immediate surroundings until she heard her name called from below.  With a twinge of regret she pulled her eyes away from the sky and rolled toward the edge of her bed to start another day.


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