Blog Series

It’s fun to write posts that are in a series.  It lets you develop a thought for more than a few hundred words, you can focus a little more on specific elements of a concept, and (best of all) it makes it easy to decide what to write about!

I’ve done several series which were planned.  Some (like Colorful Thoughts or the sentence structure series) were/are set on a specific day of the week.  Others, like Steps to a Story, had entries whenever they were applicable regardless of the day.  Either way, I knew they were going to be post series when I started them.

My newest series snuck up on me.  A couple of weeks ago I watched two British romantic comedies in a short period of time.  Both made major use of a love triangle.  So I was inspired and wrote a post about using love triangles in writing.  About a week later, I decided to do a similar post about another romantic obstacle, the “unspoken truth”.  From these two, more ideas have formed, and suddenly what started as a random post is now growing into a series!  Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I came up with three more romantic obstacles, so we know there will be at least three more posts.

This is the first time that a series didn’t start out with that intent in mind.  As it has made appearances on different days each time, it will probably not get a set day.  I will try to put one up at some point each week, though, so it really has a good “series” feel, and I’ll make sure that the older posts get tagged “romantic obstacles” so you can find them all together fairly easily.

I have to take advantage of a good idea, even if it does sneak up on me.


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