Skipping Saturdays

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve missed a day each weekend for the past couple of weeks.  After the discussion about posting daily earlier on this year, I didn’t make a decision.  Instead, I left it up to fate.

I’ve now officially made a decision, and I wanted to let you, my readers, know what it is.  I will be skipping Saturdays from now on.

There are multiple reasons that I have made this decision.  First, Saturdays are my equivalent of most of the world’s Fridays.  It is the last day of my work week.  I also usually have a busy day at work on Saturdays, due to many of the factors of my real-world career.  (Sorry for the lack of details, but I’m still trying to keep my real persona a secret.)  Sometimes (like yesterday) Saturday is the most tiring day of my week.

Recently, my Saturday evenings have gotten busier.  I have several groups of friends, I’m dating someone, and even if nothing else is planned, I now have a standing social event that I usually attend with my best friend.  If it’s been a really long Saturday, I’m still smart enough (or selfish enough?) to just call it a day and crash, but most Saturdays I have something to do.

Between those two things, plus the fact that I know some of you read this at work (and therefore aren’t going to miss it as much if I skip one of the two weekend days), I figure that taking Saturdays off for a while is a good idea.  Six blog posts a week isn’t as impressive as blogging every day, but it’s not too shabby.  🙂


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