Falling Asleep at the Wheel

I didn’t literally fall asleep at the wheel.

I did, however, fall asleep while I was waiting for the “Add New Post” page to load.  (It’s about 7:30pm – Eli had a particularly bad night last night, so I’m running on very little sleep.)

Have you ever noticed how your brain functions differently when you are low on sleep?  I tend to follow random tangents more easily.  I can also get very fixated on a subject, which is what happened earlier when I was trying to write a post about the color black.  (Obviously the subject I fixated on was not the color black. That post will have to wait until I can get a bit more sleep.)  I even have trouble with words and concepts – earlier today I said that you can check the entomology of a word on Wikipedia, when I really meant etymology.  I caught it, but that was a silly mistake.

For now, I will leave the conversation up to you, as I am heading to bed.  What does your brain do differently when you’re exhausted?


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