Life Without Pets

It’s weird being in my apartment without my boys.

Whenever I get ready for a trip, my animals go stay somewhere else.  Sometimes I only have a few hours between dropping them off and leaving, but this time I got several days without the dog, and part of a day without either of them.  (The dog stayed with friends for the workshop and was going back to the same house for Galapagos, so he just stayed there for the interim as well.  The bird stayed home for the workshop.)

Two things are glaringly obvious when there are no animals.  One is that my routine is built around them in many ways.  The dog has to be walked several times a day, and I have to schedule my life around his.  (It was nice to go to be really early one night and not have to worry about waking up to take him out after a few hours.)  The other thing that I notice is the quiet.  The dog barks more than I’d like, usually at neighbors or cars, and he whines (sometimes at me, sometimes in general) on a regular basis.  The bird, too, has a lot to say, although he’s quieter at my house than anywhere else.  Without woofs, whines, and whistles, my apartment seems unusually quiet.

I’m not sure how I’d like a life without pets.  The good news is, with a parrot in my life, I probably won’t ever be entirely pet free!

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