Tired Eyes and Sore Muscles

I am feeling the aftereffects of travel.  I recently attended a professional workshop, and I was part of the workshop committee.  That means I ran around a lot and helped with many things, which I enjoyed, but it also means that my sleep was not as complete as it could have been.

Add in the backpack that I lugged around most of the time and trying a new brand of contacts, and you can understand why my body is currently complaining.  Loudly.

I’m writing this blog with a heating pad on my upper back and neck, hoping that it will help loosen some of the soreness.  You see, the workshop was only part one of my travel.  I’m currently in a lull between trips; unpacking from one and packing for the next at the same time is an interesting experience.  I am aware that packing early is really not necessary, but when I do laundry before a trip I like to pull out the stuff I plan to wear, so I don’t wear it before I pack it.  If I’m packing a few things, I might as well pack it all, right?

I hope I can recover from the first trip enough to enjoy the next one!  (It’s the Galapagos, so I think I’ll be okay.)  For now, my bed is calling…

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  1. deshipley
    Mar 08, 2012 @ 20:18:58

    Take good care of yourself so you can maximize on fun!


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