A Quiet Moment

I love the occasional moments when I have enforced quiet.

These often occur at work, when my body is required to do a physical task (like standing at a gate) but my mind is not needed.  Once in a while they happen at night, when I am trying to find a way to calm my brain so my body can sleep.  No matter what the reason, these are great creative moments for me.

Today I had one of these, and my brain started to ponder a scene that I need to add to Dragon.  It’s a conversation between sisters, which shouldn’t be too difficult.  In one way, however, it is fraught with peril.

You see, the scene that I am working on requires the main character to tell her sister that she is leaving for another world in order to study, because she’s not really human.  Unfortunately the sister is going to ask the main character an awful lot of questions, questions which she (and the reader) should not yet have answers for.  While “I don’t know” is not the problem, getting the sister to accept the situation (however grudgingly) may be difficult without the answers.

I’m glad that my mind has started working on this.  It’s one of my bigger hurdles to getting Dragon revised.  Perhaps now that I’ve had my quiet moment to begin the process, I can sneak some creative work into the background of busier tasks.


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