Distracted by Words

I like to read, and I am easily distracted.  This means that words can be a dangerous thing for me.

There are many words around when you are driving.  (I know, I’ve noticed them!)  U-Haul trucks have fun trivia on the side, but it’s written pretty small.  Billboards are bigger, and easier to read as a driver.  Bumper stickers are my one big challenge- I have to consciously ignore them on a regular basis, because I’ll get so curious about what they say that I might get too close to the car or drive a little faster to keep up with them, hoping for a red light.

These are things I know about myself, so I have grown to recognize when it is okay to read something while driving (stopped at a light, crawling in a traffic jam) and when it is important to ignore it (pretty much any other time).

Ah, the lure of reading!