Craving Depth

I watched a movie last night that had so much possibility for character and plot depth, and yet it fell so flat.

The movie was almost a tease.  There were tantalizing moments of detail, like when the male protagonist turns out to be the anonymous author of several magazine articles about his profession.   There were glimpses into a history with layers, such as when the sisters are revealed to have been born in the States but grew up in England.  And yet all of these were just that: moments and glimpses.  Every opportunity to unveil depth and pull me fully into their world was skimmed over, like a rock across the surface of a pond.

Needless to say, the character-driven author in me was very irritated, and the fiction reader in me wasn’t too happy either.  Maybe I should go back to my novels.


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  1. deshipley
    Feb 18, 2012 @ 15:11:55

    Reminds me of my reaction to the recent “Three Musketeers” movie. It was cool and all, but the characters didn’t spend much time conversing with each other, so I never really got a feel for who they were as *people*, not just guys with weapons and awesome hats.
    Too often, it seems like movies are all about the spectacle or the gag, and the heart of the story — (the hearts of the people who live the story) — gets largely overlooked. There’s literature like that out there, too, of course, but there’s so much less of an excuse for it. There’s no running time limit — take a page to get in the guy/gal’s head!


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