Snarky Comments

Instead of Words of Wisdom Wednesday (which, I will admit, has been missing recently), I wanted to share some humorous words with you.

Occasionally I get snarky comments on here that have nothing to do with writing.  These are just personal ugliness for the sake of it, meant to make me feel bad.  Mostly I just find them amusing.  I always tell my friends when I get them, so they can share in the joke, but I don’t approve them on the blog.  They are sporadic, although I’ve been getting them in some form (usually in waves) since March of last year.

I’ve decided that perhaps you’d like to revel in the humor of them as well.  Here are five of my favorites, along with a link to the related post and a bit of background, when necessary.  They are in reverse chronological order.  Stick with it to the end; we’ll discuss them as a class. 😉

“You have blue eyes, but you’re uncommonly ugly.” In response to the post about the color blue, submitted on Feb 9, 2012.

“I wish you had been a worthy competitor as well. Winning at Cranium is one thing, but you lose at life.”  In response to the post about playing games (which suspiciously didn’t mention Cranium), submitted on Nov 14, 2011.

“Is your obsessive mind thinking of how alone and pathetic you are? Yep, I thought so.”  In response to the post called Quiet Characters, submitted on Jul 21, 2011.

“Hey Leigh, you’re an epic loser! Get a life!”  In response to the post called Not Much To Go On…, submitted on July 19, 2012.  My favorite thing about this is the irony.  This was one of a series of 3 comments posted over 30 minutes in one evening.  Two days later there were 3 more comments within 10 minutes of each other on 3 different posts.  And yet, the commenter seems to think that I need to get a life…

“Oh I hope you used gossip! You’re so practiced at it in real life, I’m sure it would be believable!”  In response to a post about summarizing, submitted on Apr 9, 2011.

As you can see, these are a recurring event.  Most of these were not individual comments, but a single one selected out of a series that were submitted around the same time.  While I can’t guarantee they are all the same person, the fake name is some variation of “Elle” for almost all of them.

Have you had snarky comments that were meant to hurt but really just made you laugh?