Switching Characters

I got really mad at the book I was reading yesterday.  I was so mad that I put it down and refused to read it for a while.  My anger was incredibly irrational, but there it was.

Why was I so irrationally irritated with a novel, you ask?  Because the focus switched from the main character to a side character.

As an author, I know that this is frequently necessary and often adds depth and layers to a story.  Goodness knows I switch character focus a lot in Butterflies.  Usually the switching makes me read faster, because I am trying to get back to the character I’m invested in as quickly as possible.  For some reason yesterday was different, and I was irked.

I’ve gotten over it and picked the book back up.  I even enjoyed the section that wasn’t about the main character.  The whole thing was silly, really, but as an author it makes sense for me to remember this reaction.  Even if I’m not going to change how I write, it’s not a bad thing to realize that I might be making a reader mad!


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