More Explanation

I added a big section of explanation to Dragon today.  I’ve been pondering how to best address the multitude of questions posed by one of my First Readers, and I had a revelation.

The main character doesn’t know she is a dragon, at least at first.  She spends most of the book learning how to be a dragon.  This means that there are lots of opportunities for one of her tutors to explain things to her that the reader would also need to know.  Conveniently, there is already a scene where she asks her human tutor (who is a scholar of sorts) about using the term Khai instead of dragon.  I took advantage of this scene and made the conversation much more elaborate.

This character-to-character explanation made it easy to address several of the questions that popped up throughout the book.  The scene is early enough in the story that the reader now gets the information before the scenes where it is good to know.

Dragon still needs a lot of this type of attention, but I am heartened by the fact that I am managing to find places where I can add more explanation!