The Downside of Travel

I like to visit other places.  I like to experience different settings, spend time away from my own home, and see animals (okay, birds) that don’t live where I do.

All of that said, I don’t like travel.

The process of getting to the interesting places is not fun for me.  I don’t enjoy driving, especially long distances.  I’m not a fan of just sitting in a car, either, which goes for buses and trains, too.  Airplanes are the worst; not only do I have to sit in an especially cramped seat, typically next to a stranger, for an inordinate amount of time, I also have to linger in an airport for a substantial amount of my time!  Sitting around doing nothing is no fun; sitting around doing the small things that can be done in an airplane or airport is only minimally more fun.  (I did have great success writing in an airport and plane during NaNo, but that requires dragging along my laptop.  This is not always a pleasant or possible option.)

The reason I am pondering the realities of travel is that the next month of my life includes two trips.  Neither is long, but both include some type of travel.  One is to a professional conference in Austin, which is not terrible as travel goes.  Three hours in the car is acceptable.  The other is a (work-related) trip to the Galapagos.  While the plane travel for this one is daunting, the reward is great.  This is the Galapagos we’re talking about, after all, and when it comes to visiting other places, this place is on my list.

I guess that it’s fortunate that the end result of traveling is worth the hassle of the actual travel!