Famous People

I don’t understand the obsession that many Americans have with celebrities.  Yes, I like all of the usual entertainment media like television and movies.  I have actors and authors that I like, and I am a fan of certain professional athletes.  (I’m happy the Giants won the Super Bowl – both of the Manning brothers are awesome!)  I don’t really care, however, what they do on their own time.

Today, at various points when I was online, Yahoo’s story feed included such riveting topics as Michelle Williams’ dress, Robert Downey, Jr.’s offspring, and Maria Menounos’ bikini.  None of these seemed particularly worth my time.  (I did enjoy the clips of Jimmy Kimmel’s Super Bowl prank, however.)  I’m just not sure that the personal lives of famous people are really newsworthy.

I know a few people who really enjoy keeping up to date on their celebrity gossip, and I won’t deny them their enjoyment.  These are the same people who know the names of all the actors on a show or can list every movie someone has been in.  Perhaps they are more people-oriented than I am.  My ability to list all the species of wrens native to the United States or to recognize a bird that flies across the road are similarly perplexing to others. 🙂