Street Names

I drove through an unfamiliar part of town today, on my way home from taking Eli to the vet.  As I drove, I spotted an interesting street name.  In this case it was a bird name, specifically Bobwhite Drive.  This led me to check other streets, just to see if there was a pattern.

While this time there were not a series of bird-named streets that intersected the one I was driving on, this does occur in other cities I have been in.  Street names are an interesting thing to ponder; they don’t come up often in my writing, but I am sure that it is yet another thing to name for many authors.  Neighborhoods may have patterns to them; a section of Houston, for example, is very “Brae”-centered, due to the vicinity of Braes Bayou.  This makes life difficult for people who have to navigate in the area, but nice for less-than-creative city planners.

I am somewhat glad that I don’t need to worry about what street my characters live on.  Do you?  How do you name streets in your stories?


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  1. deshipley
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 19:34:38

    Street names don’t tend to crop up in my stories, much to my relief. I’m so serious about naming things, I would spend far too much time on such details!
    The occasions that I can recall naming streets, I worked to create a name that, to my mind, related to the city the street was in — not necessarily in a way that my readers would have to understand, but just to suit my whim. Again, more time-consuming, but also more fun than just calling every lane Oak Street.


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