You could give them purple hair…

I sometimes forget that the continuous conversation of my life is not continuous for the people around me.  This occasionally produces humorous slips, like one that occurred today at lunch.

My coworkers were discussing gnomes.  I was only partly listening to the conversation – I was also checking my email for information about my tax refund.  Somehow the conversation got to gnomes vs. leprechauns, which led to a debate about whether gnomes have the ability to do magic.  It was argued that gnomes have “fairy-like qualities” at which point I jumped in to add, “You could give them purple hair.”

If you read my blog post about using the color purple in your writing, you understand where I was going with the comment.  (Magic creatures outside the realm of nature = okay to go crazy with the purple.)  My coworkers, who don’t read my blog, gave me very confused looks before bursting into laughter.

It made sense to me, but now it gets to be added to the (thankfully short) list of random Leigh quotes that my colleagues toss out from time to time when they want a chuckle.  It’s a good thing I like the people I work with!


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  1. snagglewordz
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 15:41:52



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